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We Enjoy Helping Savvy Business Owners Showcase Themselves In a Way That Resonates

Effective Storytelling + Technology + Artistry = SUCCESS!

We love people and truly believe in capturing precious moments
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Meet the Team

RISE Productions CEO Randon Clayton

Randon Clayton


CEO and co-founder. Randon is a happily married father of three. He has lost over 200 lbs (since July 2017) and has continued his weight loss and health goals! He has a passion for growth and loves helping others.

He enjoys riding his motorcycle, playing tennis, and spending time with his extended family. Randon has spearheaded many volunteer efforts throughout his life, and has happily put his company in a position to do the same.

RISE Productions President Andrew Dahle

Andrew Dahle


President and co-founder, Andrew received his Bachelor’s degree from BYU-Idaho in 2014 and his Master’s degree (MBA) from Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) in 2018.

He enjoys playing basketball and disc golf and spending time with his wife and three children. He has been flying drones for six years and has seen how technological advancements have and will continue to change how drones are used. He is excited to be on the cutting edge in the industry.

RISE Productions Vice President Micaela Clayton

Micaela Clayton


Micaela is both Vice President and wife to the CEO. As such she is truly one of the driving forces behind the success of Rise. Curious by nature, she has been in love with people and their stories from a young age.  At 20 years old she became the mother of two of her sister's children (the third arrived in 2018).

As a single mother for years, working and going to school, she strengthened the determination and will-power that now keeps all the trains running on time. She brings her love of people and artistic eye to every project she pursues.

RISE Productions COO and Head Pilot Jaxxton Clayton

Jaxxton Clayton


Jaxxton runs the drone operations of Rise Productions. Our first, and possibly finest pilot (though Andrew will dispute this title), Jaxxton keeps our birds in the air and our people safe. He masterly handles all of the pilot training and ensures our equipment is up to snuff.

Outside of work, he enjoys riding motorcycles, playing tennis, building computers, and exercising. He also has an incredible ability to capture a subject and visualize how the video project will look in the end.

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